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We use intensive, fundamental research to identify investment grade and high quality issuers with robust long-term businesses. We then analyse and select bond issues from lower down the company's capital structure to earn attractive yields. Focusing only where we see the richest opportunity set, for instance within the financials sector and in hybrid bonds, we build a highly diversified portfolio of conviction ideas which has relatively low correlation to benchmarks and traditional credit funds. 
Price and Performance (End of Month)

For accredited, professional, institutional and/or qualified persons only.
Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Performance is provided net of fees.

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Valuation date: 31 Oct 2018
GAM Star Credit Opportunities (USD)
Accumulation USD 15.9705 -1.17
Income USD 11.5888 -1.17
Institutional (Acc) USD 14.2836 -1.13
GAM Star Credit Opportunities (EUR)
Accumulation EUR 17.4840 -1.78
Income EUR 15.6205 -1.78
Institutional (Acc) EUR 14.8916 -1.75
Institutional (Inc) EUR 13.4270 -1.75
GAM Star Credit Opportunities (GBP)
Accumulation GBP 18.3455 -1.15
Income GBP 12.9159 -1.15
Institutional (Acc) GBP 15.6821 -1.11
Institutional (Inc) GBP 12.4270 -1.11
GAM Star Credit Opportunities (CHF)
Accumulation CHF 16.4879 -1.82
Income CHF 12.4448 -1.82
Institutional (Acc) CHF 13.2804 -1.79
Key characteristics


Fixed Income - Specialist


The fund seeks to achieve high income generation with capital appreciation from investing in bonds of high quality companies 


Publicly quoted corporate bonds of any credit quality issued predominantly by investment grade companies, with a particular focus on the financial sector and niche areas such as undated, floating rate and fixed-to-floater debt instruments 


Mainly corporate bonds, with limited exposure to convertibles, derivatives (mainly currency forwards) and cash


Able to use currency forward contracts to hedge the currency risk of non-base currency assets. Derivatives have not been used to hedge interest rate risk as inclusion of fixed rate and floating rate bonds provides natural hedge.


The fund does not borrow to invest and does not leverage its positions to generate a notional exposure in excess of its NAV. 

Competitive Advantage
The strategy’s key competitive advantages is a clear focus on and track record of minimising credit default risk while maximising total returns. Fundamental credit analysis expertise and experience to profit from the growing sophistication in companies’ capital structures Freedom and flexibility to pursue opportunities in under-researched, income-generative segments of the USD, EUR and GBP corporate bond markets
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Board of Directors, Investment Committee
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Anthony Smouha
CEO, Fund Manager
Board of Directors, Management Committee
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Gregoire Mivelaz
Fund Manager
Investment Committee, Management Committee
Prior to joining us in 2009, Gregoire was Head of Credit Research at SJ Seymour, an independent wealth management and bond... VIEW PROFILE

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