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Atlanticomnium S.A. is an independent Geneva-based fund management company with an office in London, who have specialised in credit investing since they were founded in 1976. The fund managers, Anthony Smouha and Gregoire Mivelaz, have a combined experience of over 40 years in credit analysis and, as a result, have cultivated a loyal client base of institutions, banks, brokers and finance companies, as well as managing assets for GAM since 1985. With investor interest in credit increasing, many newer market participants are simply focused on chasing higher yields, which can cause market inefficiencies. This makes credit a particularly rich hunting ground for established players with seasoned expertise, like Atlanticomnium.
An Overview
A different dimension in corporate bonds

Exploiting the many different layers in capital structure


A long-dated and trusted relationship since 1985

Experienced international team

80 years combined fund management experience

Proven track record

40 Years

Industry recognition

More than 5 awards for the last year

Risk Management

Hundreds of bonds holdings to provide diversification

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Call us on +44 207 917 24 48 to speak with a member of the team; alternatively you can use the form below to send us an email. For details on how to find us please visit the Contact Us page.

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